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Message from the President

COPPERWOOD’S genuine interest in learning about you and your business will lead to a more comprehensive real estate plan for you. It also serves to lay the groundwork for a 
relationship we know will continue throughout the years.

Business is just the playground for adults.
It is also important to have fun while 
working.  Enjoy it, work together........
and success will follow.
We guarantee it.

Mark Steingas



Demo Owners Login

In an effort to use technology to improve our business, Copperwood has implemented a simple “Owners Login” section on our web site.  This section allows owners to see all the activity on their listing.  Ads we post on their behalf, when showings happen, any offers that have been made, etc.

Honest. Ethical. Professional…...
……Words used to describe relationships with Copperwood Real Estate, everyday. Our solid gold reputation is the most important asset we will have for the rest of our lives. With this goal in mind, we strive for fairness and dependability in every deal and to make each person involved see a win-win scenario.   Established in 1984 with this philosphy from the start, Copperwood has grown by carefully adding other independent professionals with the same personal standards.  Each member of our team makes their own independent decisions but have chosen to work together as a professional association to share ideas, marketing expenses and experience from the seasoned veterans.  The successful results realized by our customers have proven this philosophy to be a strong one for all parties involved.  Stop into one of our offices and learn how these relationships can be beneficial to you.     

Copperwood was established in 1984 by Mark with a goal to always remain an independent, full service, real estate brokerage firm.   The independent part was the key to working closely with other industry professionals on "insider deals" without the competitive pressure to present only the properties listed by a parent company to its customers.  This opened up a more comprehensive database of available properties than a standard multiple-listing service that is shared between the large brokerage houses.  The professionals at Copperwood, through memberships in local and national associations, also have access to all of the typical marketing resources offered by a larger brokerage house.  Remaining independent allows for quicker flexibility in marketing decisions and fee structures.  With success came the strong demand for its services and Copperwood has since added additional Brokers and Property Managers to handle the work load.  Other seasoned professionals have observed this success and modeled their business in the same manner, or joined forces to expand Copperwood's knowledge into a larger geographical area.  All of the real estate professionals at Copperwood make their own, independent, decisions and customize their real estate services to each customer. The “Professional Association” format has proven to be a winner and real advantage for the customers of Copperwood. Let us show you the insider advantage and the difference of dealing direct with the decision maker. Give one of us a call.

Commercial real estate is our specialty. It is what most of us work in everyday. It is what we enjoy learning about and it is the sector in which we can help the most people. The more people we help...... the more people that return the favor.....and help us.

Our original vision included sales of apartments and investment real estate. Though we are still looking for this property type at all times, most of our days are filled with assisting others in the location or disposal of real estate to house a business or generate an income stream. The commercial real estate section of our business now includes Industrial, Office and Retail properties as well as investment properties.

It is our pleasure to offer you direct access to the multiple listing system of commercial real estate in the Minneapolis area.  This system can be a wealth of information and education.  The education part is a benefit to both of us, as partners, in search of your specific real estate requirement.  If you find something you like, please give us a call.  We earn our living by assisting others with their real estate related requirements and we can provide benefits that exceed just locating the right property.  If you would like helpful hints on how to narrow your search or how to navigate the website, just give one of us a call at no obligation. 

Do you like what you see or what you have heard about the creative innovations used by Copperwood?  We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how we can put our efforts toward selling or leasing of your property.  If it is easier for you......fill out the attached form and send it back.  We will send you our best estimate of time and cost to accomplish your goals.   There is never a long term committment required by you to Copperwood.  Any agreements can be terminated at any time, for any reason, with a short notice.   If you are not completely satisfied, we should not be working together.  To this date, no one has terminated a relationship.........and we don't plan on starting anytime soon.  Give us call. 


Looking for something special?  Something that is not out "on-the-market" now?  Should you Lease or Buy? We can help find the right property for your business or investment.  We can share with you what the current market is for the Lease value of your space.  If you are looking to Buy or Lease it makes good sense to let Copperwood act as your in-house real estate department.  In most situations the fee for our services is paid by the Seller or Landlord through a cooperating agreement with the other Broker, if any.  Either way we will always be honest and up front on all costs.  Fill out the attached form or give us call to get Copperwood started as your representative.  

Copperwood Real Estate’s foray into the construction portion of the business officially started in 2009. However, from 1992 through 2009, Copperwood shared office space and common ownership with a general contracting business with annual sales that averaged $30 million. Mark’s ownership of both businesses lead to numerous development projects and construction of well over 100 commercial buildings and apartment units. The relationships made during those 17 years are ready to assist the customers of Copperwood.

Life is changing fast in the financing world of commercial real estate.  With all of the talk about how limited the financing market is, it appears to us that there are many lenders with plenty of money to lend............they just need realistic deals from financially stable borrowers.  The lack of "conduit" financing is the culprit putting pressure on commercial real estate lending.  Every deal has very specific needs, or benefits, from the financial package used to put the deal together.   At Copperwood we explore all of them.  Our experience includes government financing assistance and grants, SBA loans, institutional debt, and local banking participatory loans.  We have been on both sides this table and would welcome the opportunity to share our experiences.

Because Property Management is key to realizing the maximum financial return from a real estate investment, Copperwood has spent significant resources in assembling the finest management personnel, technology, and vendors. Tenant retention and property preservation are at the forefront of our accomplishments on every property we manage. Since 1987 Copperwood Management has concentrated mainly on company owned properties. However, due to some recent strategic sale opportunities, Copperwood can now offer their skills and contacts to a select few third party property owners. If you would like to learn more about how we can maximize your investment, please give Patrick a call today.


Copperwood's Property Management division is lead by Jason.  A true personal size, full service commercial property management firm established in 1984 to manage properties owned exclusively by Copperwood.  As our portfolio grew so did the reputation of the excellent, personal service and fiscal responsibility of Jason.  As a favor to other Copperwood customers that have witnessed this success, the management division offers complete care, accounting, maintenance, tenant retention and income improvement to other property owners in the Twin Cities Metro area.  Concentrating our efforts on the small-to-medium sized commercial properties that are owned by private individuals or entities that appreciate a tighter budget control and tougher contractor negotiation has proven to be the true win-win solution. 

What we do......

Copperwood not only believes in the value of time, your time, but also delivers it. We free you from the day-to-day building operations such as leaky roofs, heat and air conditioning issues, rent collection and tenant phone calls. We pride ourselves on knowing the market, and because we work with many vendors we can get the best value for each dollar spent. We supervise the contractors to ensure that they are providing the service that they are contracted for. All the record keeping and accounting functions are done in-house (by one person), and you will be sent monthly reports so that you know exactly what is happening with your investment.  With technology on our side an Owner can now securely log-in directly to his private financial property information site.  

How we do it......

Copperwood believes in a "hands on" property management approach and we have found that the best way to serve the property owner is to serve its customers, the tenants. We believe in building strong and lasting relationships with our tenants. One of the ways that we develop this relationship is by having frequent on-site visits, where we can observe the conditions of the property first hand, and at the same time be available to the tenants for questions or concerns. This attention promotes a strong relationship between the tenants and the property owner.

Patrick Senescall - Bio Information

Contact information for Copperwood Management:

Patrick Senescall I Commercial Property Manager
6109 Blue Circle Drive I Suite 2100 I Minnetonka, MN  55343
952-392-1312 direct I 952-392-1309 fax



Welcome to the non emergency maintenance request site. You may enter your maintenance request here. Or you may call my direct line at 952-392-1312 or contact me via email at Please do not use this form for emergency requests. If you have an emergency please contact me at the number above during business hours or if after hours please call my personal cell at 612-875-8184.

If your maintenance request is sent after business hours your request will be handled first thing the next morning.
Note: Your lease will be followed to determine financial responsibility of any maintenance request.  If you have any questions of financial responsibility please do not hesitate to call me.
Patrick Senescall Commercial Property Manager

Copperwood Commercial Property Management provides hands on professional management services. We strive to protect your investment as if it were our own along with providing tenants exceptional customer service.

Services are provided and supported 24 hours by full-time licensed staff. All contracts (other than minor maintenance items) are provided by qualified contractors through a bidding process to at least three providers when applicable. For conflict of interest purposes, Copperwood does not employ a related maintenance company for services. Copperwood is insured and bondable to at least $20 million.


  • Initial set-up of each property on the YARDI Property management system in cooperation with Owners accounting firm.
  • Handle all tenant relations and service requests
  • Advise owners of market conditions and provide ideas to enhance asset value
  • Monthly rent billing and collection
  • Paying all authorized bills, real estate taxes, mortgage payments and owner distributions.
  • General Ledger, full accounting of income and expenses
  • Monthly written activity report via e-mail, fax or U.S. Mail
  • Monthly financial reports (profit loss and balance sheet) via e-mail, fax or U.S. Mail
  • Annual budget preparation and CAM reconciliation
  • Bidding and awarding of contacts (including but not limited to lawn, snow, HVAC, roof maintenance, general maintenance, parking lot sweeping, window cleaning, etc.)
  • Maintain and update fire protection systems as required
  • Oversee performance of vendors
  • Weekly site inspections and other daily visits as needed
  • Other items related to asset preservation and keeping the property attractive to existing and potential tenants
  • Full service brokerage including listing vacant suites on MNCAR

Though most of our business concentration is anchored in the commercial sector of real estate sales and leasing, we do offer access to a residential specialist for two reasons. First, our residential agent, Nicole is married to Justin and the daughter of Mark, as well as the fact that she is really, really good at finding a deal. Second, is the fact that residential real estate affects every person in some manner and it is just another service that we are proud to offer to our customers and their families. For those that are curious about values and opportunities at substantially discounted fee structures, please give Nicole a call today. We are confident that you will be impressed.

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