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Property Management Overview

Copperwood's Property Management division is lead by Jason.  A true personal size, full service commercial property management firm established in 1984 to manage properties owned exclusively by Copperwood.  As our portfolio grew so did the reputation of the excellent, personal service and fiscal responsibility of Jason.  As a favor to other Copperwood customers that have witnessed this success, the management division offers complete care, accounting, maintenance, tenant retention and income improvement to other property owners in the Twin Cities Metro area.  Concentrating our efforts on the small-to-medium sized commercial properties that are owned by private individuals or entities that appreciate a tighter budget control and tougher contractor negotiation has proven to be the true win-win solution. 

What we do......

Copperwood not only believes in the value of time, your time, but also delivers it. We free you from the day-to-day building operations such as leaky roofs, heat and air conditioning issues, rent collection and tenant phone calls. We pride ourselves on knowing the market, and because we work with many vendors we can get the best value for each dollar spent. We supervise the contractors to ensure that they are providing the service that they are contracted for. All the record keeping and accounting functions are done in-house (by one person), and you will be sent monthly reports so that you know exactly what is happening with your investment.  With technology on our side an Owner can now securely log-in directly to his private financial property information site.  

How we do it......

Copperwood believes in a "hands on" property management approach and we have found that the best way to serve the property owner is to serve its customers, the tenants. We believe in building strong and lasting relationships with our tenants. One of the ways that we develop this relationship is by having frequent on-site visits, where we can observe the conditions of the property first hand, and at the same time be available to the tenants for questions or concerns. This attention promotes a strong relationship between the tenants and the property owner.

Patrick Senescall - Bio Information

Contact information for Copperwood Management:

Patrick Senescall I Commercial Property Manager
6109 Blue Circle Drive I Suite 2100 I Minnetonka, MN  55343
952-392-1312 direct I 952-392-1309 fax



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