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Message from the President

COPPERWOOD’S genuine interest in learning about you and your business will lead to a more comprehensive real estate plan for you. It also serves to lay the groundwork for a 
relationship we know will continue throughout the years.

Business is just the playground for adults.
It is also important to have fun while 
working.  Enjoy it, work together........
and success will follow.
We guarantee it.

Mark Steingas



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Most important aspects of Copperwood
Honest. Ethical. Professional…...
……Words used to describe relationships with Copperwood Real Estate, everyday. Our solid gold reputation is the most important asset we will have for the rest of our lives. With this goal in mind, we strive for fairness and dependability in every deal and to make each person involved see a win-win scenario.
Is Good Real Estate product getting scarce?
Is Good Real Estate product getting scarce?

The abundance of available “foreclosures” or “short sales” has all but disappeared and the marketplace has changed dramatically.  The result of these distressed sales may have kept pricing down on other market properties since 2010 because of the effect of on the appraisal market.  Rental rates had been stagnant over the last 10 years, but with the market stabilizing and a lack of new construction, demand has outpaced supply and rental rates are finally climbing.  Asking rental rates on new construction are also at new high-water levels due to increased construction costs and the trickle-down effect is actually starting to show up in the average property investors’ pockets.  “Free rent” up front is declining and Landords are achieving higher effective rates.  With increased rental rates property values are climbing again.  However, now everyone is trying to buy real estate and CAP rates are dropping due to the demand and low interest rates.  It is hard for the individual Investor to compete with what the REITS and institutional investors are willing to pay to feed their constant influx of capital.  A saavy investor will hunt out the well located possibilities and then create the value during ownership.   The trick continues to be locating the deal itself.    

What is a Bargain today?
What is a Bargain today?

Remember…income producing real estate is only worth the income it is producing. If it is owner occupied property, it is worth what a user is willing to pay, but the real value should be calculated by comparing what the cost would be lease a similar property and that cost valued at a smooth 10% capitalization rate to determine a estimated market value.   Real estate is unique in that its value can be influenced by numerous factors such and future use, future adjacent uses, specific benefits, income stream, available financing (leverage) or beneficial tax treatments. To me, the description of a bargain today is something that actually makes financial sense to purchase.  You know, you can purchase it for 60% of what the cost of new construction has been over the last 3 years (inflated). This would mean that realistic market rents (after all concessions) will support the cost of the project and return 12% per annum on the equity invested or a simple 10% if paid entirely in cash.  The problem in this market becomes……….is there anyone left to lease the property that has the financial stability required to create a bargain?

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Searchings commercial listings cannot be done on this web site due to the rules set by the association which governs the listings. Thus, we encourage you to use the link on above which provides the data via the Minnesota Commercial Association of Realtors.

That search tool a powerful way to begin your inquiry and begin to understand the consistencies about the listings currently available that you may be interested in.

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Demo Owners Login

In an effort to use technology to improve our business, Copperwood has implemented a simple “Owners Login” section on our web site.  This section allows owners to see all the activity on their listing.  Ads we post on their behalf, when showings happen, any offers that have been made, etc.