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The Business Bank

Case Study - Client Success

The Business Bank – Property Management and Brokerage Services

The Situation

- Lender obtained control of commercial property
- The property included two separate buildings on one legal parcel
- Zoning code presented challenges
- Required skilled property management
- Focused on selling the property for the highest price in a short time frame

The Approach

- Integrate the property marketing and asset management into one seamless platform
- Provide complete accounting services, tenant management and property maintenance
- Create a marketing plan to attract the greatest number of potential buyers
- Increase the value by subdividing the property into two parcels

The Solution

- Execute the property marketing plan, tenant management and maintenance program
- Manage the property entitlement and C.U.P process
- Negotiate a sale to two separate buyers at the best price and terms
- Manage the transaction through closing

The Results

- Copperwood sourced two buyers and closed the transactions
“The Copperwood Team performed above and beyond and always protected our interests in the asset preservation and sale.”

Jon Gloppen, Vice President, The Business Bank