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Help Me Buy/Negotiate My Lease

Looking for something special?  Something that is not out "on-the-market" now?  Should you Lease or Buy? We can help find the right property for your business or investment.  We can share with you what the current market is for the Lease value of your space.  If you are looking to Buy or Lease it makes good sense to let Copperwood act as your in-house real estate department.  In most situations the fee for our services is paid by the Seller or Landlord through a cooperating agreement with the other Broker, if any.  Either way we will always be honest and up front on all costs.  Fill out the attached form or give us call to get Copperwood started as your representative.  

Help Me Buy/Negotiate My Lease:

We would love to work with you to sell or lease your property. Please fill out the following information below and we will get back to you:

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